Helping each person to…

BE a disciple who MAKES disciples.


New Covenant Church was established in November of 1987. Pastors’ Claude and Jan Robold along with a group of excited believers ventured to begin the building of a fellowship that would work in a New Testament Covenant relationship to experience and share the joy that Jesus Christ brings to our lives.
Those early days were used to form our expression of our passion for Christ and our love for people. This called for us to be a “Place of Joy” and a people who would “Develop World Christians Who Would Develop World Christians.”
We were given the use of a small chapel for our first three years by the then Living Word Church. The facilities though greatly appreciated were too small from the very beginning. This immediately sent us on a search for property that would one day be the home of New Covenant Church.
After many months of praying and searching the 146.3 acres located at 4340 Union Road was purchased in 1989. The congregation was able to raise $100,000.00 in ninety days as a payment toward purchasing the land.
It was during this same time that New Covenant Church was also establishing a sister church in Mississauga, Canada. It was during the second month of our existence that the congregation committed $25,000.00 per year for four years to support this new congregation led by Pastors Hardy and Cindy Steinke. Today, the Joshua Creek Community Church is a strong and vibrant congregation in that Canadian community.
The New Covenant Church leadership began making plans for their new church facility and broke ground for this facility on November 19, 1989, just two years after their beginning.

How We Got The Name

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As time passes the meanings of words often change and for this reason it is important that we first of all have a clear understanding of the Biblical meaning of this word ‘Covenant’. Unlike in Biblical times, a ‘Covenant Agreement’ today is understood to be a ‘mutual agreement’ or a ‘Contract’ between two parties. But as used in the Bible, a ‘Covenant’ differs from a ‘Contract’ in that the parties involved also have a clear understanding that they agree to share, not just some of their worldly possessions, but giving of themselves relationally to each other. Thus, for example, a true Christian Marriage is a ‘Covenant agreement’ where the partners not only agree ‘for better, for worse etc. …’ but also agree to even share their bodies with each other.
Another important difference is that a contract takes the form of a written document whereas a Covenant is based upon an unwritten promise that is often sealed with a sworn verbal oath or act. For example, in a marriage ceremony the official witness declares the couple as being ‘man and wife’ before the license is signed. The license only serves as a record of something that has already taken place.
Jesus, at his Last Supper introduced God’s New Covenant and offers what amounts to a proposal of marriage between each individual and himself. He said in effect – ‘ I have given you a free will to choose what you want to do with your life but my offer from this time onwards is a ‘Covenant’ promise from me whereby, if you give yourself back to me, then I will give myself to you in a way that will leave no doubt about my loving presence in you life’
We believe that God wants us to be in a covenant relationship with Himself and His children. He has demonstrated this repeatedly in the Bible. Experiencing life together relationally is a value we subscribe to at New Covenant Church. Our experience has shown that doing so creates, “A Place of Joy!”
The congregation worked together to make this dream a reality and held their first service in the multipurpose building on January 6, 1991, with the dedication service held on March 3, 1991, with our mentoring congregation New Covenant Church of Philadelphia, Pa., celebrating with us. Dr. Milton Grannum preached the dedicatory message encouraging the congregation to thank God for those who set them up for such a day as this.
During this same time period New Covenant Church had joined ministry partners around the world in India, Mexico, and Argentina to support works of God in these far away places. It has been the joy of New Covenant to build over forty church buildings in India, two orphanages, and sixteen homes for leprosy victims and raise a major gift for the construction of a 2500 seat conference center in India.
As New Covenant continued to grow added facilities were needed. Plans were developed for a Family Life Center that would house a full-size gym, classrooms and offices. The congregation was able to celebrate the use of this new facility in 1998. The facility was then expanded by 17,000 square feet and opened in 2006 housing a commercial size kitchen, café, conference center, a major youth center and a children’s ministry set of classrooms.
It was during the year 2003 that New Covenant Church was able to purchase 3.7 acres adjacent to their current property. This brought the once 150 acre Deardroff Farm back into one piece of property as it had been for over 120 years. New Covenant Church now owns 150 acres of property that is connected to the 160 acres of property owned by the new Atrium Regional Hospital.
New Covenant is a “Place of Joy” that continues to equip people to go out into the world to “Develop World Christians who Develop World Christians.” We believe God has a great future for this ministry and it will continue to make strong contributions to the Kingdom of God as it continues to make history.